Curatorial Statement

INQUIRY: a Wild Salmon Examination

Sept 2-3, Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC

Curatorial Statement

INQUIRY, explores themes of the impact of industrialization on West Coast Wild Salmon. This exhibit coincides with the $25 Million Dollar Federal Investigation (Cohen Commission) that is presently looking at the collapse of the 2009 Fraser River Sockeye. This artist response explores themes related to the decline of the West Coast Wild Salmon Fishery and Fraser River Sockeye, from the ecological effects of Industrial Fish Farming, to the Hijacking of the Department of Fisheries by Norwegian Corporate Interests, the suppression of Science, the social side effects of a collapse of the West Coast fishery and the resulting peoples moment intended to highlight these issues. The viewer is invited challenge the themes presented, through their own INQUIRY.

Artist Call:

Artists are invited to create their own response to the issue through visual art, multi-media, music, performance, poetry. Although no artist fees will be paid a 20% commission will be taken on all sales and re-distributed to all artists. In addition, donation proceeds received during the exhibition will also be re-distributed to the artists. Artists are encouraged to donate proceeds to the movement to save the Wild Salmon, including the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society and the Wilderness Committee. Tax receipts can be generated for contributions to the Wilderness Committee.

Artist Call now closed, thank you for your submissions.

Submission Requirements:

1) Description of work or performance piece, including

Artist Statement (1 -2 paragraphs)

2) Installation requirements

3) Title and Value of work

Programming Schedule

All events at Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova, Vancouver, BC

Friday September 2 – 6pm: Exhibition Opens, music by Glenn Chatten

Saturday September 3 – Noon – 10pm: All Day Art Making facilitated by Melanie Schambach and J Peachy

Saturday September 3 – 1pm: Screening “Rise of the Salmon People” by Jeremy Williams

Saturday September 3 – 2pm: Ripple Relay Presentation by Michele Nickerson

Saturday September 3 – 3pm – 5pm: Arts Action Forum led by Don Staniford, Damien Gillis and Ivan Doumenc

Saturday September 3 – 6pm – 10 pm: Wild Salmon Warrior Performance Night featuring 10yr old Singer, Songwriter and Artist Ta’Kaiya Blaney.

For more information contact: J Peachy at salmoninquiry(at)


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