Can Open-Net Fish Farms and Wild Salmon Co-Exist?

Steven Kelliher lawyer for the Aboriginal Aquaculture Association cross examines a panel at the Cohen Commission into the collapse of the Fraser River Sockeye. Industrial Aquaculture is seen by corporate interests as an economic saviour to First Nations communities in remote locations.  However in light of the steady decline of Wild Salmon Stocks; can open-net Fish Farming and Wild Salmon co-exist.  On this perspectives panel are the following:

  • Clare Backman (Director of Environmental Compliance and Community Relations, Marine Harvest Canada)
  • Alexandra Morton (Executive Director, Raincoast Research Society)
  • Mia Parker (formerly Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.)
  • Catherine Stewart (Salmon Farming Campaign Manager, Living Oceans Society)

Audio from the panel’s dramatic testimony on Sept 7, 2011 at the Cohen Commission



2 responses

  1. Get the fish farming into tanks on land where it can be managed and contained. We need our wild salmon and the creatures do too. I don’t eat wild salmon anymore, due to my support of this issue and eating farmed fish is out of the question because of my committment to my own health. If we don’t take precaution and use drastic measures, there won’t be any fish to worry about, or bears, or eagles, or Beautiful BC. Wake up folks, this isn’t a rehearsal.

    • Is this the same Steven Kelliher that sat on an firefighter Arbitration and at the end of a week of testimony asked the question” so how does the water get from the hydrant to the fire truck??” If it is the same lawyer is does not speak well to those that have law degrees or phd’s.


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