my dear disease do you exist?

The debate of whether a single cause attributable to the loss of Fraser River Sockeye wages on between scientists and those that have direct experience and first hand knowledge.  The metaphor of a single smoking gun serves to illustrate this elusiveness.  However is the discovery of a smoking gun truly unattainable or does someone wish for you NOT to find it.  Eventhough we could hear the gunshot, we can smell the gunpowder and the victim is lying there, does the lack of urgency, mean that the killer can clean its fingerprints and get as far from the scene as possible?

no smoking gun?
or actually, is there a smoking gun?

or does no one really want to find it?

my dear disease do you exist?
I tell you folks its not easy to tell, if this ease has been missed
if i don’t test, is it on my chest?
one fish two fish red fish… missing

the burden of truth is a cross to bear,
but the black and browns have starved out there
shall i just drag my heels …
so you can shoot a seal… lying?

Shall I be the unfortunate one who finds the smoking gun?
Will I be the outcast, the solo, the one
Have my principles been cautioned in front of me
Do I buy that this science is free?
Or created and purchased for only the blind to see?


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